Abell's Adventurers

The Initiates Initial Testing

The 7th of Hawkmoon, Year of the Sword, 1321

We paired up seven of the most advanced Initiates for the annual trials and paired them together, setting it up in a nearby den of Goblinoid scum that the locals in the village of Dawthorne complained about. After having one of our Shadow Dancers place the Standard inside, and the accompanying Diviner setting up scrying points in certain rooms, we’ve evaluated their skills.

At first, we thought this trial would be a disaster. The initiates fought and bickered among themselves, separating quickly rather than sticking together, which almost cost the lives of the team early on. After the first day they worked together better, handling the threats at a more reasonable expense of their resources. Our fears were closest to reality upon their fight with a party of Orcs. Despite expertly taking out their spellcaster, they were almost routed by the accompanying warriors. They demonstrate a basic understanding of Tactics at most. Improvisation and targeting the weakest is their main skillset in Tactics.

They managed to complete their goal, killing the Infamous Goblin Bandit Koruvas and his entourage quickly, and evaluated the back up force as a threat outside their caliber, making excellent use of the scroll we left behind to find a shortcut back to base.

Some things of note: We must discuss with the Alchemist, Tempestas Crepitus, the ethics of licking dead bodies and pushing his teammates downstairs.
The Half-Ogre, Ar’dur Brashnör also would be asked about his habits of bullying his teammates, but our trainers are frankly just too scared to talk to him about it.

All in all, The Team made it out alive and achieved the Phoenix Rank, narrowly avoiding being placed in the Giant Rank.

Yours Truly,
Nym Coppergear
Initiate Master


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