Furitori Sukai

Druid, Lightning Quick Elf that WILL NOT BACK DOWN.


Raised with both parents till the age of 5, when her father left to be with a human and her mother commited suicide with grief. All alone, she turned to the only thing she knew wouldn’t leave her: nature. Fiercely protective now of it, the only thing she trusts is her companion, a hawk named Momiko. Respects those who are passionate for their cause and treat nature with respect. Has nothing against humans, although hates all half-elves because of how her father left her. Has a tough demenour, not good with people, but anyone can see her kindness when you see how she is like all alone in the forest.

Age: 19
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Silver
Height: 5’10"
Weight: Slim

Just a horny almost adult who can become very infatuated very easily. Likes to hide her emotions though.

To kill all the people who threaten her forest (there have been some fire starters around lately), find someone worthy of her interest, and to actually make a friend.

Hated Enemies
Nature hurters

Amazing with bows although those are not her favourite
Prefers Scyths
Can work with a sword
Hidden talents :P

Furitori Sukai

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