Lucian Weiss

A solitary Ranger whose main focus is on keeping himself alive


Lucian Wiess
Ranger Level 1
Human (male)
Initiative 2; Senses N/A; Perception+5
Fort+4, Ref+4, Will+1
Speed: 30ft
Meele: Longsword+2(1d8+1)x2
Ranged: Composite Longbow+3(1d8+1)x3
Special Abilities:
1)1st favored enemy: abberation
3)Wild Empathy
Str:12+1, Dex:14+2, Con:15+2, Int:10+0, Wis:13+1, Cha:10+0
Base Attack Bonus: 1
CMB: 2
CMD: 14
Feats [Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot]
Skills[Climb+5,Handle Animal+4,Perception+5,Profession:Hunter+5,Stealth+6,Survival+5,Swim+5
Languages: Common
Treasure:[Chain shirt,bed roll,tent,grappling hook,torch,flint and steel, rations]


Lucian Wiess grew up in a small mountain village in the north. Raised by his father( a ranger) and his mother( a druid), Lucian was raised to respect and understand nature. Under his father’s tutelage he quickly became a remarkable marksmen/hunter as well as having a strong knowledge of traveling forests, herbal remedies, and wild edible food. His peaceful lifestyle was shattered however on his 19 birthday. A rogue sorcerer, attempting to escape an angry mob, stumbled upon the household and mercilessly attacked the family. Lucian was forced to watch as the aberrations summoned by the sorcerer ripped both his father and mother apart. Eventually the sorcerer succumbed to the mob, but not before Lucian had lost everything he cared for. After burying his parents, Lucian ventured into the city and offered his skills to the Hunter’s Guild who quickly accepted his offer. Ever since he has an innate hatred for any form of aberration and has brought an end to many over the years. He is 5ft 9 inches weighing 145 with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Due to the traumatic tragedy he experienced, he is slow to trust anyone and looks out for himself first and foremost.

Lucian Weiss

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