Nikita Cleverdon

half elven sorceress


Nikita Cleverdon is a 20 year old Half elf. she was born and raised in the city of Abell. Daughter of Human mother Liatha, also from Abell, and daughter of a poorly known Elven father named Elias. Raised only by her mother, Nikita learned at an early age to keep her friends close and her enemies even closer. She is 5’6, very slender, light skinned, fair haired and deep blue eyes. As she grew older her bloodline became more evident through her increasing will to perform spells. Being a poor but hard-working family, she rarely had time to work at her skills. She is constantly reminded how much she looks nothing like her mother and her mother grows quiet when Nikita tries to ask anything about her father. For this reason she is determined to find out more about him.

Since an early age she has known that she was half Elven, as it was evident through the characteristic ears and it had always bothered her. As she neared the grown-age of 20, she left her home in Abell to explore the world, practice the art of sorcery and learn more about her father.

Nikita Cleverdon

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