Tempestas Crepitus

15 year old Alchemist.


Class: Alchemist Level:1
Race: Human
Init: 1; Senses Perception + 6
AC: 13, touch: 11, flat-footed: 13 (+2 Armor, +1 Dex)
hp 8
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +3
Speed 30 ft. (30 ft. in armor)
Ranged Sling, +1, 1d4, X2
Ranged Dart, +2, 1d4, X2
Special Abilities Alchemy, Bomb 6/day, Throw Potion, Mutagen

Spells Known: Cure light wounds, True Strike, Shield, Comprehend Languages, Disguise self, Expeditious Retreat
Str 10, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 8
Base Atk 0; CMB 0; CMD 11
Feats Throw Anything, Brew Potion, Extra Bombs, Alertness
Skills Craft {Alchemy} 7, Disable Device 5, Knowledge{Arcana,Nature} 7, Perception 6, Sleight of hand 5, Spell-craft 7, Use Magical Device 3
Languages Common, Draconic, Elvish
Treasure Leather Armour Backpack,Bedroll,Flint and Steel, Grappling Hook, Lamp common, Water Skin, Wrist Sheath 120 GP]



Tempestas is of average height for his age, standing at 5.5 feet. He tends to stand out in a crowd due to his silver hair, this was caused by him being fed one of his fathers potions by his older sister. Tempestas will change his outfit when the need is there, but his usual attire includes mostly black cloth with a matching hat. His eyes are a very light blue, so much so that they are often confused for grey.

Tempestas is a very stuck up person due to his odd family life and being shut in as the son of two high ranking noble families. Tempestas has a overall dislike of people, most of all his family. He has only been respected one person in his life, This person is his father whom he respects for his skill but is annoyed by his personality. Tempestas also has grown to become easily enraged when dealing with people of lesser intellect then himself.


Tempestas is the son of the Shamal Crepitus a famous alchemist. Shamal is a crazed womanizer who hits on every cute woman he sees. Though often unsuccessful, he is always seen hitting on one woman and then instantly moving on to flirt with the next woman that passes by him. Shamal has 3 children, Venenum is the eldest and his only daughter. Tempestas is the middle child, and often avoids his siblings. The youngest is a boy named Vacca. Everyone one of his children is born to a different mother.

Lavina Exterus is Tempestas’ mother. Tempestas rarelyb sees his mother and brother do her large hate for his father. Tempestas mother has remarried many times, so many time that he has not even met all of his former step fathers. Tempestas really knows next to nothing about his mother, this causes him to feel uneasy and a failure for not knowing his own noble roots.

Venenum Crepitus is Tempestas’s half-sister, as such they have a difficult relationship. Venenum is four years older then Tempestas and has black hair and a slender body. Their strained relationship stems from Venenum’s envy for Tempestas’ status as a full bred noble. Venenum would use Tempestas as a test subject for her father’s unlabeled potions. Despite that, Venenum seems to care a lot for Tempestas.

Vacca Crepitus is the younger brother of Tempestas, Vacca is only 5 years of age. He is the grandson to a barbarian on his mother’s and has taken a lot of his personality from his grandfather. Vacca is usual clothing is a black horned helmet and cow hide. Tempestas grows incredibly frustrated when around Vacca due to this lack of intelligence and his unwillingness to fix it. Vacca is the main reason that Tempestas hates dumb people.


Tempestas was amazed by his fathers work and often sneaked into the study late at night and spied on his father’s meeting with other alchemists. Tempestas often practiced his father’s art in secret until the age of 10 when his father caught him, after this event Shamal decided to train his son in alchemy. Tempestas was a very fast study due his high intelligence. After 4 years of training Tempestas’ father told him that he must train on his own now. Tempestas left home with some money given to him by his father. Tempestas now finds himself within Abell looking for a quest.


Tempestas’ biggest rival is Telum Filum, an assassin of his age from Tempestas’s home town. Telum is son of one of the largest assassin families, he has been treated as a prince from the moment he was born. Telum grew up with Tempestas as there fathers were former party mates. Telum often mocks Tempestas family by calling his father a womanizer and his siblings free-loading half nobles.

Tempestas Crepitus

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