Goblins are horrid little aberrations created by mad wizards long ago.
Corruptions of Hobgoblins, and infused with Wild Magic, these little beasts breed as quickly as rats, with a staggering percentage of mutations making almost every goblin different.

If left uncheck, Goblins can infest entire cities, wiping them out of life and leaving just barren cities behind.

Though many of the mutations are random, many adventurers report a large amount of specific mutations, and have even came up with names for them.


These goblins hail from the deeper parts of the world. Their claws are deadlier than their kin and they’re very adept at scaling walls.


These goblins have been touched by aberrant influence. They are similar to Gibbering Mouthers.


These goblins are born of dark energies, and are immediately identifiable by the flames that dance in their mouths.


This type of goblin has an unusually long tongue. They can use their tongues to disarm or trip targets within 10 feet


Some goblins are born covered in soft thorns that grow rigid as they mature.


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