Kobolds are distantly related to dragons, or so they like to claim. With very large egos that their small frames could hardly contain, this cowardly race tends to think of themselves as the scions and stewards of Dragons.

Though they share the colours of the Chromatic evil Dragons, they themselves are not inherently evil. There is good and evil Kobolds for sure, but most of them care only for survival or the demands dragons give them. The myth that Kobolds are evil stems from the fact that Chromatic Dragons are more likely to use them for their own ends than the Metallic Dragons.

Kobolds are smarter than they first appear, equaling intelligence to the average human. They are capable of reading and writing, often scribing for Dragons too lazy or proud to expend the magic to polymorth into a race with thumbs. Their expertise however, lies in Traps. Kobolds are born trapsmiths, and their paranoia often makes them overzealous in their trapmaking. Sadly, one of the leading causes of death for Kobolds are forgetting to unset the trap they set in their own bedrolls.

The few Kobolds who use their mechanical know-how for purposes besides trapping every piece of silverware in a drawer make excellent engineers, and are highly prized for their architectural know-how. Sadly, the best race at constructing these marvels would be the Dwarves, who will almost never knowingly build a Kobold design, finding the Kobold Race stupid and beneath their skill.


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